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Lash n’ Dash is a professional studio specializing in eyelash extensions. Owner Krystel McKinnon is a nationally-recognized certified lash technician and esthetics practitioner, and opened her studio in 2015.

Lash n’ Dash uses only the safest and most reliable techniques and products to make our clients’ lashes look fuller, longer, and healthier. With extensive training and natural talent, Krystel gives her clients richer, more defined eyes that will last for several weeks.

Let us help create your most beautiful look!

Not everyone is born with thick, luxurious lashes, but anyone can have them! Lash n’ Dash is your shortcut to dramatic and stunning eyelashes (your secret is safe with us!).

Every visit starts with a consultation. Are you looking for classic “daily-life” enhancement, or dressing up for a special event? Not sure about lash thickness, color, or curl? Do you have a sensitivity to the adhesive? Are you short on time? Once we know the look you’re going for and other important details, Lash n’ Dash’s experienced lash artist can help determine the best style for your eye shape and your natural lash strength and volume.

After your treatment, we make sure you understand how to care for your new lashes! Proper lash health, cleaning, and maintenance can help your new look last for several weeks.

Enhance your natural beauty, or transform your look. Visit our Facebook page to have a peek at our latest work!

Lash n’ Dash Eyelash Service Menu:

(All procedure duration times are approximate. Prices do not include tax.)

Half Signature Classic

1 hr 15 mins • $65

The perfect choice for those new to lash extensions or for special occasions, this treatment adds a single extension to every other natural lash. Brighter-looking eyes without the commitment!

Signature Classic

2 hrs • $99 | Touchups • $25

Classic eyelash extensions, 1 extension per natural lash. Also called the “Mascara Look”, these are an excellent option for those who want subtle fullness, or who already have significant natural volume or length.

2D Full Set

2 hrs 15 mins • $145 | Touchups • $31

2D Volume creates a dramatic look. Your lash artist will add 2 extensions per lash, effectively tripling the natural body of your lashes.

2D Hybrid

2 hrs • From $120 | Touchups • $29

Still natural enough for everyday wear, this combination of Classic and 2D Volume lash sets is a little bit bolder.

5D-10D Volume Lashes

2 hrs 30 mins • $155 – $170 | Touchups • $33

3D-5D Volume sets provide a substantially fuller lash illusion. In this process, heat-bonded fans of 5-10 premium extensions are attached to each of your natural lashes. Each fan weighs less than a single Classic lash, which means extra volume with no extra weight!

5D Hybrid

2 hrs • $135 | Touchups • $32

When full Volume lashes are just too much, this process combines Classic and 5D Volume (fanned) extensions to make eyes appear darker and more open.

Mega Volume Pro Express

2 hrs 30 mins • $185 | Touchups • $35

These handmade lash fans use wider-diameter (.03mm) extensions, and can have up to 16 extensions per fan. Lush, thick, and dark, these lashes are heat-bonded to keep them lightweight. The effect is dramatic and luxurious.

Fills on any set

75 mins • From $51 (price may vary by lash style)

Also called infills or relashes, lash fills may need to be done every 2-3 weeks, depending on your body’s shedding cycle. Just like your natural lashes, individual extensions will fall out over time.

Lash Lift

45 mins • $60 (When combined with a Lash Tint • $75)

A lash lift is a semi-permanent curling treatment for your natural lashes that gives your eyes a more open, “lifted” look. The mild processing solution is safe for clients who are sensitive to extension adhesives. Lash lifts will last 6-8 weeks.

Lash Removal

Duration varies • $40 (No charge for removal due to allergic reaction)

Also called infills or relashes, lash fills may need to be done every 2-3 weeks, depending on your body’s shedding cycle. Just like your natural lashes, individual extensions will fall out over time.

Lash n’ Dash offers discounts for parents of children with disabilities, students, mature divas (49+), and returning clients • $10 off of full sets

Professional Certifications

Krystel McKinnon is a certified Classic and Volume lash technician, and is an accredited member of the National Association of Lash Artists.

Trained and trusted by:

  • Beautique Canada
  • Eyenvy
  • Eyelash Addict
  • Georgia Park Beauty Institute
  • Lashbox LA
  • Legally Lashing
  • NALA
  • SugarLash Pro

Lash n’ Dash adheres to all provincial guidelines for personal services establishments, and is certified by Northern BC Health.

Lash n’ Dash maintains a valid business licence through the City of Prince George.

The Dish About Lash n’ Dash

We love all of the diverse, beautiful clients that grace our studio! Your comments make us smile (and occasionally bat our own lashes…). Thanks for all of your kind words!

This was my first experience getting lashes done. I couldn’t have been in better hands. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my lashes. It’s me –only better. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Krystel.

– Kathie

I have a very serious sensitivity to lash extensions. I asked Krystel about the Lift and Tint service she provided. I have never been happier! No reaction whatsoever! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone that has had a reaction to lash extensions.


Finally! A lash place that can make your lashes stay on for the advertised amount of time! I am so pleased with my lashes. I am finishing up the first week with these lashes and they look the exact same as when I left my appointment. If you’re unsure of where to get your lashes done, look no further!


Krystel is so awesome at what she does. She puts so much into learning and growing her business, and makes sure all her clients get exactly what they ask for. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have beautiful lashes.